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UIUX Studio

UI UX Designer | Posted 18 Sep, 2019 |

Why do people choose UX designing as a career?

Karan Sethi

Online Marketer | Posted 19 Sep, 2019

With the increase in demand for skilled graphic designers, UI/UX designers are in high demand.
To become a good designer you don't need to be an expert programmer. What you need to be is - stay creative. Be a part of team and enjoy great satisfaction from your work. Make sure that you have a great interest in creativity and love to do your skillfully then opt this as your career in the preferable field. But surely this will repel you back with great benefits.

UIUX Studio

UI UX Designer | |Updated 18 Sep, 2019

After the graduation students are confused that what should they do next. There are only 25–30% percent of students who have already chosen what to do next.

Some students are creative since childhood they know how to use photoshop and some other things. So they choose their career as a designer because they know basics and having a creative mind. When I started my career as a UI/UX Designer at that time I don’t know about designing but I’d a passion for learning.

Why I choose designing as a career because I love creativity, art, and colors. If a career chooses with self-interest by anybody then he can work till the end like a time pass or like hobby. But if someone forces a job then it will be a burden life long.

From my behalfs, If you have good designing and technical skills then you must choose UI/UX design for your career.

Designing is also differ-differ types like web designing, app designing, graphic designing, animation, creative director, illustration artist, and visual designing and so on. Choose your field carefully it affects your future.

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