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Why do people make fun of Rahul Gandhi in India?


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Rahul Gandhi's 'Potato to Gold' equation from Gujarat discourse gets turned into HILARIOUS images

Rahul Gandhi's Tore Kurta saying that he is a poor person, comeon man! How dumb right? Or on the other hand he think others are sufficiently inept to trust him?

Mr Gandhi, one of the most ensured government officials in India, dove directly into the scrum of individuals at a State Bank of India branch on Parliament Street.

I have come to trade Rs 4,000. the Congress Vice President told correspondents.

Rahul Gandhi Berkeley discourse, Another goof by Cong VP, says number of seats in Lok Sabha is 546. While addressing an inquiry, he got the quantity of seats in the Lok Sabha wrong. Rahul said the quantity of seats in the Lower House was 546, not 545. While this Legislative House doesn't have a significantly number of seats, what's more unceremonic, in this episode, is that the Gandhi scion can't experience an occasion without making guiltless blunders.

To substantiate himself right he gave wrong Inflation numbers to pummel modi, later apologized.

In Jan 2013, Rahul Gandhi was found articulating a sentence toward the beginning of today, I got up around evening time, 4'o check in the first part of the day.

This was so clever and the individuals around the nation ridiculed his announcement and made some interesting recordings indicating the responses in the wake of tuning in to his inaccurate sentence.

As of late, Rahul Gandhi was in Gujarat when he was looking for "Inquiries for Answers" from the country. He stated, "Iss desh ko Jawab ka sawal dena howdy hoga" After that, he in a flash became casualty to trolls via web-based networking media. Also, most recent to taunt him is none other than PM Modi.


Destitution is a State of Mind: Rahul Gandhi.


When Rahul gandhi was conceived Doctors said congrats Pappu hua h. Haha interesting. Right?

He is the man who is working for BJP, helping them win. He will be recollected always in Indian Politics as the standup comic.

In any case, recall this was the man who went to JNU and upheld the psychological militants there, who recited "we will break India into pieces" That was not interesting.