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राहुल ओबरॉय

Engineer,IBM | Posted on | others

Why do people still buy Fortuner?


अमन कुमार

Working (West Delhi Cricket academy) | Posted on | others

क्यों लोग अभी भी फॉर्च्यूनर खरीदते है ?


System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on

I agree with the write-up. I also think people are buying Fortuner because of its comfort, brand image, resale value, low-maintenance costs, and highly efficient diesel engine.


Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted on

Fortuner has a low maintenance, great looks and ground clearance being high are the factors which make Fortuner a big seller.


Working with Maruti Suzuki | Posted on

1. Brand Image

Toyota's Fortuner has been the best-selling model in the segment of SUV ever since its first generation was launched in India in 2009. Most buyers go for Fortuner when it comes to buying a luxury SUV in India.

2. Good resale value

The Fortuner is known for its sturdiness and looks. Even though the Fortuner’s price starts from Rs. 26 lakhs and goes up to Rs. 31 lakh, but the resale value of the vehicle hardly drops even after years of use.

3. Low maintenance

One of the prime reasons for the popularity of Fortuner in India is the low maintenance.The service intervals of the Fortuner is high but the cost of service stays low.

4. Efficient and Powerful engine

The Fortuner has always given immense power to riders, the new Fortuner is powered by a new GD series diesel engine. The new GD engines get Associated ESTEC technology (Economy with Superior Thermal Efficient Combustion) that increases the fuel efficiency considerably and provides more power to the vehicle.

5. Reliability

Toyota's cars are known for extended lives and their excellent service network that touches almost all major cities of the country. Moreover, Toyota has over 250+ service centres in India.