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Posted 20 Jun, 2019 |

Why do people with iPhones see themselves as superior compared to Android users?

yash jaswani

Student | Posted 24 Jun, 2019

Because of Iphone's security, its better applications and functions people with an iphone see them superior .

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lets user

@lets | Posted 24 Jun, 2019

iPhone have better application and performances compared to android. Due to best performance of iPhone, people with iPhone see them superior than android users.

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@lets | Posted 20 Jun, 2019

According to my opinion whatever technological gaps once existed between the latest iPhones and the top Android devices have essentially vanished. Sure, Apple's CPUs are little engineering marvels, and the hardware is top-notch. But the competition is close enough to make those differences merely interesting rather than compelling.To know more about the latest technology visit technology

aman yadav

student | Posted 20 Jun, 2019

My point with respect to this inquiry is extremely unpretentious. In any case, let me state something iPhone clients have less protest and security contrasted with Android clients. 

iPhone have better applications,performance and brand esteem and numerous agents utilizes iPhone in light of the fact that it fits them more.These prompts rivalry among Android clients and makes iPhone clients unrivaled than the android ones.

Whitecloud ipl

SEO Analyst | Posted 20 Jun, 2019

My point regarding this question is very subtle. But let me say something iPhone users have less complaint and security compared to Android users.

iPhone have better applications,performance  and brand value and many business people uses iPhone because it fits them more.These leads to competition among Android users and makes iPhone users superior than the android ones.