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head cook ( seven seas ) | Posted on | Astrology

Why do so many people believe in astrology when it’s all fake?


BBA in mass communication | Posted on

Astrology is not necessarily fake. What we see is a large crowd of FAKE astrologers who know nothing. Astrology is an ancient study that Science, which is still at its nurturing stage, is learning more and more about every day.

Our life has countless dimensions thathavetheir own stories. When combined, we can learn more about our past, as well as the future. On a holistic level, astrology is the study of these dimensions that make our life. It isn’t a hit-and-miss prediction that so many people have made it tobelieve. It can tell you a lot – from the right kind of partner for you to a better career stream.

Also, astrology is much more than just your Birthdate and which horoscope you are.

So, to say, on your part, that Astrology is fake is totally absurd. Yes, there’s a large crowd out there that may empathize with you. But there’s an equal number of people who would disagree with you.

The sensational media and fake babas have given this astrology a bad name. Instead of believing them blindly, you can do your own study in this niche, spend years of your time and then answer your question. If not, then make opinions and NOTjudgments.

Many people believe in astrology out of superstition and faith-blindness. But there are many who recognize the true power of this study and trust it dearly.