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Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on | Science-Technology

Why do tech companies pay their employees so much money?


Founder and CEO | Posted on


The cash we win, is really 1/tenth or even less of what our organizations win from our genuine billable work from customers. In this way, according to that we are getting paid much less.

We have to think carefully parcel of it. Extend our work hours too like different fields. It's anything but difficult to duplicate code from Google and complete undertakings, yet realizing which code to duplicate, additionally requires learning. Designers didn't simply ponder 50+ various subjects in their 4 years Engineering in vain. We BCA graduates additionally considered 40+ subjects in 3 years of study. Yes,it isn't used what we realized, yet it's gaining us our meat and potatoes.
No IT fellow in administration based organization will call themselves RICH. In the event that you think we are overpaid, no we are definitely not. We are being paid for our degrees and what we are accomplishing for our organization.
I am not looking at different fields or enterprises. My answer is exclusively discusses tech organizations.


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