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Anita Pandey

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Why do we celebrate Christmas?


Christmas is mainly celebrated by Christians it is celebrated on 25th of December in every year it is said that christmas is celebrated because on these day jesus christ was born it is celebrated after the sunset and before sunrise of the next day so that is why christmas get his name Christ-mass.It is one of the popular festival for kids because on these day they get gifts and chocolate.



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Christmas beliefs include different Customs with strong feeling of religion practices acts of religion and things handed down from the past of a group connected with the special event of Christmas . Many of these beliefs (make, become, be) different by country or region while others are universal and done expertly in an almost present every-where way around the World.

1 . The special event of Christmas is of course, the first and first of all special event of the birth of Jesus Christ in Christianity .

2 . Christmas is often experienced as a special event of family joinings together again and gifts .

3 . first thought, Christmas was noted to note the birth of Jesus Christ .

4 . The first special event of Christmas as a Christian with strong feeling of religion great event took place in Rome in 336 AD .

5 . This very good meal became an important great event in the Christian World 6 in the Middle ages and put out on top throughout the World during the colonial period .

6 . today, Christmas we have knowledge of is a time of rest from work that is less in the direction of a with strong feeling of religion time of rest from work, but more like a family special event of meeting, meeting and giving gifts .

7 . There is also a powerful symbol of Christmas which is Father Christmas .

8 . Christ is being presented as the "sun of being just" of a new age , his birth start the Christian religion-based year during a at night special public event .

9 . signs of nature respected deeply from the 16th century and even getting to churches . The Christmas tree will make certain itself as a symbol of the christianization of Europe in current-day times, as well as of the endoftheyear time of rest from work time division .

10 . The belief of Santa Claus, which has been made present in all nations in the 20th century will complete this development which has added a secular dimension to the Christian time of rest from work, more adjustment to events in the direction of boys and girls, Family and gifts .

The only person teaching religion to give birth, Luke did not give the day of Christs birth . uncommon Evidence suggests that the birth may have taken place around 5 or 6 BC but without having knowledge of a specific time-stamp . in addition, for the first Christ supporters, the special event of Christmas did not currently be in existence: only Easter was added, the special event of the make living again .

It was around 330 that the special event of Christmas began on December 25 in Rome . A day that coincides with one of a different religion public meal, the public meal of sol gives a suggestion to, the being unmatched in power sun, is noted when the days begin to make longer and great fires are made lighted at that time .

Christ supporters quickly get together Christ with the sun, and today the Christian belief resonates with these signs of the one who keeps others from destruction, trouble of the nation pointed out as the "going higher sun", as is put or kept in mind with the text of isaiah on Christmas Eve : "those who entered the darkness saw a great light rise." ,a, 1) .

birth day of Christ, of course, is noted on December 21, the day of the winter solstice . A variation because of, in relation to the Julian calendar started in 46 BC. AD 9 by Julius Caesar, who fixed the solstice on 25 December . It is this officer day of the epoch that Nicaea body of persons to give opinions ( 325 ) will outline for birth day of Christ .

today, we note a "family mass" early in the night-fall, With a full text of the night ( and not before birth day of Christ ) . The mass of the night mainly emphasizes the event of Jesus' birth in Bethlehem and the make religion of the keeper of sheep given suggestion to by the servants of the father of all .Letsdiskuss