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Why do we celebrate Good Friday?


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Good Friday is celebrated in the memory of Lord Jesus. On this day, people who did not believe in the religion had crucified the Lord Jesus. Therefore, this day is also called Black Friday or Holy Friday. In actual, there is no celebration on this day and in the evening people gather at the churches and remember Lord Ishu.

Good Friday is one of the main festivals of Christians. People believe that, Christ sacrificed his life for others and set the example of true love and sacrifice in the world.

Jesus Christ was crucified after 3 o'clock on Good Friday. This is the reason that people gather at church in the afternoon and pray on this day. Many people keep fast on this day. It is said that Jesus was tortured very much before crucifying him and the nails were injected into his hands and scoundrels around him continued to lash him. They also made him wear a crown that was full thorns. In the end, Jesus sacrificed his life while remembering God.