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Vansh Chopra

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Why do we celebrate Republic Day?


Delhi Press | Posted on

I am happy that someone asked this question.

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We all revel in the celebrations, watch parade, and enjoy the national holiday, but the truth is that most of us just do not know the real meaning of Republic Day, or even India being a republic. 

I now feel thankful to my dad who used to call me on every 26 th January and 15 th August and give me a huge lecture about the significance of these days. He would explain me why I had a holiday that day. 

I will explain you in the same way.

Being a republic means that a country doesn’t have a monarch. The supreme governing power in the country is a leader who is elected by the public. That leader is often the Prime Minister –the head of the elected government, and the President –the head of the country (that’s why we call him the first citizen of the country). 

India has a Parliamentary form of government so the head of the government here is Prime Minister

while the President only has nominal powers. In the countries like the USA, the President is both the

head of the state and the head of the government, and thus holds the supreme power on behalf of the public. 

Now you would be wondering how come India became a republic on 26 th January and not on 15 th August, when it was declared independent. 

The answer to this is that when India became independent on 15 th August 1947, it was still a

constitutional monarchy under the colonist Britain. It took some more years for a constitution to be

drafted for the democratic India, and finally it came into effect on 26 th August 1950.

So India formed its Parliament on this day, after adopting the constitution which is the body of

fundamental principles and basic rights and duties of every Indian citizen.

It was on this day that Dr. Rajendra Prasad was appointed the first President of India.


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