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Shekhar Chandra

@letsuser | Posted on | Health-beauty

Why do we crave to eat junk?


Thinker | Posted on

These days everything could be turned into a hobby and the same is true with food. We now have food bloggers, instagrammers, and food critics whose job has nothing to do with health and nutrition necessarily. The food has broken the boundaries of restaurants and cafes and people prefer to visit roadside stalls and enjoy street food as much as they like to visit fancy restaurants. Among this changing scenario, junk food, no matter how much criticized it may be, has become quite popular worldwide. Some of the reasons for this are as follows:

1. It is easily available in every nook and corner and comes already prepared and ready to eat.
2. People have finally started coming out of the enchantment of traditional courses like medical and engineering and have stared opting for professions like that of Chef, food critic, etc. With this, there has emerged a large variety of options of different food items in every cuisine available in any part of world. This directly effects the consumers making them try new and different dishes at least once in a week.
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3. Junk food is often more tempting and inviting than nutritional food items in appearance, which increases its marketing.
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4. When you are away from home, junk food becomes the easiest way to satisfy your hunger.
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Entrepreneur | Posted on

Because they are more delicious. Duh!!! :P

But on a serious note, one reason why we crave for junk food is an addiction. Yes, many people may not realize and accept is but fast food addiction is a real (and serious) thing. You start eating them and not knowing how to put a brake of your cravings that you eventually end up addicted. The process is exactly like smoking, taking drugs even playing mobile games.


From scientific point of you, the junk food contains certain sensations, called ‘’orosensation’’ which are basically the ''feel good'' sensation your junk food creates, when in mouth and signals the brain. Also, we must understand that junk food contains micronutrients which give immediate kick to our brain.

So, while at large, we crave junk food because they are tastier, there are cases when people simply do that out of their addiction. Even when the homemade foods are better, these addicted people would usually choose pizza hut over anything else.

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If you feel you’re addicted to eating junk food, you must focus on reducing the quantity first. Don’t keep junk food at home / in your bag. Instead carry fruits or nuts. Try innovating good recipes for yourself. If you end up eating junk when you are stressed, try figuring out way to deal with stress such as going for a walks in open area or breathing or meditating. Remind yourself to stay committed towards your body because given what junk foods do to our body, it’s a serious problem. Your health will be affected, along with having several other ailments.

Its a constant battle! Take care.