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Why does Bollywood actresses take so long to reveal incidents of sexual harassments?


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From Aditya Pancholi to Jeetendra Kapoor to, what could come as a very unlikely name, Nana Patekar—seems like Bollywood is lurked by molesters and sexual offenders. Yes, the whole Bollywood. (Sorry, Saroj Khan!)

The latest revelation by Tanushree Dutta of her daunting experience on the sets of “Horn Okay Please”, following which she made an unprecedented exit from Bollywood, is, at best, normal. 

Yes, cases of sexual harassment in Bollywood is extremely normal. There’s a long list of leading names in this industry, from actors to directors to producers, who have been charged with molestation and rapes. It’s normal!! 

That being said though, it shouldn’t be treated normally. Whether it’s Tanushree Dutta or Kangana Ranaut or Payal Rohatgi – each of their claims and accusations must be considered with utmost seriousness, and the accused must be punished if proven guilty. 

But here’s a general flaw in what we think happened and what should happen now. 

Do you really think Nana Patekar would be punished for what he did with Tanushree Dutta even with all the media insistence? 

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How far do you think the case has come after a cousin accused Jeetendra Kapoor for harassment and rape? Do you think the veteran actor would be punished for that? How lavishly do you think he is living following that accusation? How forward have we, the dissenters and protestors, have helped that cousin to meet the justice? 

In a similar way, the case of Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar will subside very soon. No one will remember. Mr. Patekar will continue making movies. The whole incident will become one of many such cases. The idea of such sexual harassment and casting couch would further be normalized in the industry. And we’ll be back to the same political debates—until someone from the industry come up with the same accusations. 

Another problem is that these actresses (and even actors) wait for years to make such revelations. Now it isn’t very difficult to guess why, but it’s still a big problem. 

Today, especially in this #MeToo era, things have become slightly easier for women to come out and open about the sexual harassments they have faced. The Internet has provided them with the right tool to communicate with others. Back in 2008 and before that, this wasn’t necessarily the case. Actresses never had the same platform – and the social media support – that they enjoy today. And those who did took a stand, it’s not hard to guess that they were shushed by those in powers and the whole matter would be swept under the carpet. Isn’t that what Nana Patekar attempted when he sent MNS goons to Tanushree Dutta?!!! 

Today, the victims of such incidents are living in a much-favoured society that’s there to support them. They didn’t have it back in the days. Today, they are with a generation who knows how to take a stand and change social landscape. Back then, the victims were isolated. This is just as true for anyone, in Bollywood and Hollywood. 

All the women who came forward to reveal about Harvey Weinstein predatory persona, they knew they would be supported by a large section. A decade back they didn’t have that support. 

I personally believe this is just the beginning. It’s important that all the ladies (and men), not just from the film industry but from everywhere, come out and join the #MeToo movement, even when it means going against the powerful people. 

What Tanushree Dutta did right now with her revelation requires courage and mental preparation. She could have easily let it slide—after all, it’s a 10-year-old incident. But she came forward and disclosed everything that happened to her a decade back. 

The social culture is fast changing today. Back in the days, actresses – and just about anyone – looking for the perfect moment, waited for years and decades to reveal their struggle with sexual harassments. In this day and age, the young celebrities and commoners are empowered to voice against the injustice. They don’t wait for years and weeks to hammer the sexual predators that lurk in large numbers in Bollywood, Hollywood and everywhere. 

Now, while I wish Tanushree Dutta does get the justice, it won’t really happen! This shucks!!! I somehow feel she is right…..Hopefully, in the coming days, such sexual harassment revelations won’t be all about the hypes and headlines. Hopefully, such cases would meet their right end.


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