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Rohit Valiyan

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Why does Rahul Gandhi deliver good speeches on foreign land but can’t create the same magic in India?


Entrepreneur | Posted

EITHER Rahul Gandhi doesn’t do very well in the interviews and enclosed conferences, OR he does incredibly amazing well. In these personalized interactions, which are not scripted as the campaign speeches, he goes no holds barred, speaking his mind out without considering the repercussions.

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One of the finest examples of this is his very early and sole interview to Arnab Goswami (on Times Now in 2014), where he bluntly admitted that few Congressmen had some hand in the 1984 Sikh-riot. Big controversy followed, but he spoke the truth nonetheless.

During such interactions, Rahul Gandhi doesn’t really think too much about the politics and other aspects. Call this his naïve-ness or genuineness. And this is something we can all recognize and appreciate—at least today when lying has become an integral culture for the politicians.

This is perhaps why we have seen Rahul go to USA, Germany, and UK, and deliver hard-hitting speeches whose noise reached back home in amplified tune. The latest that the Indian media and the entire political diaspora is dancing to is to the tune of Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Germany.

His speech/conversation was outstanding from every angle and looked honest. He talked about unemployment, Indian culture that’s unfavorable to women, global terrorism and, at large, the social fabric back in the country. Listening to his personalized views that weren’t directed to appeal the voters was fresh and interesting.

Check out Rahul Gandhi speech in Germany:

Not very surprisingly, BJP people (and their media stooges) were on-guard to reply to anything and everything that Rahul says. One of the most absurd responses were on Rahul discussing about unemployment in India. Apparently, spilling the truth brought disgrace to the country on the global platform. A BJP-linked social activist Vijay Upadhyay even said: “ghar ki baat ghar me hi rehni chahiye”. Meaning, Rahul shouldn’t have talked about this problem outside the country because it hurt’s nation’s repute. Well well…

Similarly, Rahul was in his finest form during his address at the Harvard University last year.

Check Rahul Gandhi speech at Harvard: 

Now it’s quite a bummer that he fails to create the same magic in speeches back in the home as he does on the foreign land. His election campaign speeches are cringy many times. He fails to connect with the people. The intensity of his addresses looks to be made-up.

Like mentioned, a lot of this could be because he’s handed over a script (much like Narendra Modi). He is asked to speak on things that aren’t necessarily of his interest. He is asked to play the caste and religion cards to appeal the voters, which Mr. Modi has championed, that he might not necessarily be interested in. And above all, his speeches in home are an unexciting affair for the media coverage. So, even when he does manage to give good speeches once in a while, the ‘godi media’ never acknowledges it; hence his voice never reaches to the end people.

(Courtesy: Financial Express)

But it must also be noted that all these could well change following Rahul Gandhi speech at the parliament during the no-confidence motion against the Modi Government. He was fierce, he was much relaxed and literally ripped the party in power into pieces. And the hug gave his ideas a whole different angle at a time when BJP is busy propagating hate politics across the country.

So, indeed, Rahul Gandhi speeches has been fairly dull at home and fire overseas, this could change soon as we approach General Election 2019. Rahul Gandhi is growing, evolving, becoming experienced—all these will play into his favor. I mean, we can’t expect him to deliver a Mr. Modi-like speech at 48. Before that, we must check where PM Narendra Modi was when he was 48 years old and how good of speeches he was delivering because that’s the criteria of India voters!!


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