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Komal Verma

Media specialist | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Why does society feel abnormal when a woman doesn-t want children?


Delhi Press | Posted on

It has a lot to do with patriarchy. Traditionally, women are believed to just carry a child and that’s it.
Back in the days, the scope for women to get out of their home, work, chill was as good as nothing.
They enjoyed very less liberation. In fact, on many fronts, they were treated as a second-class
Sadly, those beliefs and mindset have been towed around even until this day – at least in countries
and states who were reluctant to amend their culture with a shift in their mindset, approach, and
Even today, in many countries/religion/caste, women are believed to be second to men. They have
to face an awful lot of restrictions, be it in what they wear, what they do and where to go.
So those women who dare to break the traditional path by deciding not to have children are an
offset for the society to accept. Many people find it almost impossible to accept that there are
women who don’t want to have kids. Because that’s what has been fed to us for centuries that ‘men
work, women carry child’. And the worst of all is even literate individuals who are so mixed in the
patriarchal culture empathize with the existing mindset of women are just meant to carry a child.
Hopefully, in the coming days, this sordid picture will eventually change. It’s entirely a woman’s
prerogative and the decision whether she wants a kid or not. No one should have any say in
that—not the husband, parents, and certainly not the society.Letsdiskuss