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Dhawani Singh

Student | Posted on | Health-beauty

Why does sometimes life seems meaningless and pointless?


student | Posted on

Life starts seeming pointless due to a series of unexpected events which we do not want to happen. Such events put one in trauma, cause depression and anxiety. Most times, such events tend to continue for a longer time and under societal pressure one person never talk his heart out which lead to further depression and anxiety attacks. It all over affects the mental health of a person. These things magnify if we do not have a correct set of people around us. But if one stops thinking about other people, their perspective about us, and focus on our life, our happiness. We need to learn to live for ourselves and not for the sake of showing others that we are happy when we are not. It’s okay to be imperfect, get failed, have an embarrassing moment but life is not about preserving such moments. It’s about preserving our happiness.The foremost would be focusing on self and cherish small moments. One should be able to identify if he/she needs help in any way. One should talk to his /her trustworthy person, open heart out and spend time with that person. Exercising, eating and sleeping well, staying away from drugs and alcohol, deep breathing, taking out time for hobbies are some practices one can do regularly to ensure his/her regrowth. Finding a new passion and working out for it would give a sense of satisfaction to push the anxiety away. We need to recognize what’s wrong for us and when. Treating mental is not a waste of money, every bruise needs medication. Mental health and its treatment should be out of the taboo list soon.

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consultant | Posted on

Its all a mind game.

Why do we feel meaningless- Whenever we tend to obtain something and we don't get that thing we start feeling that our life is meaningless and pointless. Our surroundings also add on to this feeling. If we are in a good company where our co-workers, friends and family are motivating and living a productive life we automatically feel good and boost up because that is a learning environment and gives us positivity.

On the other hand if we are living in the company of people who always talks what they don't have instead of talking about what they have to cherish and about all the negative things we also start living pointless and meaningless life.

Our daily routine also effects our thought process so we should plan our day instead of procrastinating things.

We must also meditate for a stable mind set up.

And most importantly whenever we feel low, we should seek a positive person who is close to us and with whom we can speak our heart out.