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Updated 31 Mar, 2018 |

Why doesn't the traffic police enforce traffic/ motor vehicle act rules strictly in India?

aham pathak

Blogger | Posted 22 May, 2020

The Traffic Police is eclusively implied for and is liable for maintaing smooth traffic stream in the region they have locale. In Metro like Mumbai, the Traffic police is going an official of the Rank of Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic). They also have Regions, Zones and Divisions headed by DCP, ACP and Sr PIs who are answerable for sooth development of the Traffic in General and during the VIP developments specifically.

The Regular Police are intended for and are answerable for support of Law and Order in their individual ward.

Both the Traffic and Police may need to together compose and deal with the development of traffic in crisis or during the fiasco the executives.

jeffrebel home

Blogger | Posted 15 May, 2020

Stricter penalties results in stress and more problems for common people.

Who told you that imposing penalties is the solution ?

राहुल ओबरॉय

Engineer,IBM | Posted 31 Mar, 2018

Corruption is a one-word answer! It’s not hard to see buses, cars and bike owners bribing traffic police every time when they are caught breaking traffic rules. This eventually shapes their mindset in a way that makes them believe that they can take laws into their hands and get away from it by handing over money to the authority. As for traffic police, most of them wouldn’t mind the lawbreakers as long as they are getting money in hand. 

Corruption is the single most important reason why you will never see traffic police enforcing traffic rules strictly. But it’s not all that simple. There are plenty of indirect reasons why we see such traffic menace and outlaws every day. It’s actually deeply rooted in our culture and background to never willing to follow rules.
So if thousands and thousands of people are breaking traffic rules every day, you can’t expect the police force to stop every single one of them and act strictly.

It’s eventually tiring after few days and weeks. Plus, the salary amount they get is very low actually (and they deserve much more). So if they are getting the opportunity to make some more money, in any way possible, why wouldn’t they?! I won’t say they all take bribes. 

Many of them are honest and do their work very dedicatedly every day. But a lot of them also are corrupted. So until we fix the core problems of making much harsher laws for the traffic rule breakers and a salary hike for the traffic police, we will continue seeing people treat traffic laws like nothing.