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Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted on | Astrology

Why don’t twins have same fortune is astrology is based on time and birthplace?


Content Writer | Posted on

I think you’re primarily talking about numerology, which is different from astrology. But your question is quite legit and equally perplexing—twins, who possibly share the same chart thanks to same-time birth date and place, why don’t they have the same fortune.

One main reason behind this is that even with virtually the same charts, twinsare identifiedby different Zodiacal energies, which usually manifest itself. An old-school philosophy says twins take after father and mother. So, while one will be more like the dad, other will be more drawn towards the traits of mum. So as the twins grow, while their core charts remain same, their experience and other environmental factors vary. This eventually affects their choices and decisions, which also comes to play a crucial role in astrology. A good astrologer not only talks about your charts and tell your future. She/he will also talk about your past and present and factor important instances of your life.

Now note, I am not an expertonthis subject. But whatever I have read and learned, this is what I believe, among other technical reasons, why twins don’t have thesamefortune.



Astrologer | Posted on

Letsdiskuss it is just demonstrating the inborn idea of the local. To comprehend this we need to comprehend the Karma hypothesis first. There are three sorts of Karma viz., Sanchita, Parabdha, and Agami. Sanchita has put away karma dependent on our past demonstrations, so the planetary situation in the horoscope is essentially showing the karmic results that are put away dependent on past karma.

Furthermore, the facts confirm that on the off chance that twins are brought into the world couple of moments separated, at that point the divisional graph would shift however again a large portion of the forecasts in Vedic astrology depend on Rashi outline which would not fluctuate for a 2 or 3 mins hole. In addition this situation of indistinguishable birth time can be applied to anybody conceived on the same date, time and area. Consider a situation, where two youngsters conceived simultaneously in a medical clinic, certainly, their horoscope will be the equivalent however their life won't be actually the same(though significant life occasions will have closeness). For instance, there might be numerous kids conceived in Mumbai during a similar time when Rajiv Gandhi was conceived however not every one of them became executive of the nation. The hidden truth here is, each kid will be destined to a specific family and society dependent on its Sanchita karma. So regardless of whether two individuals conceived on a similar date, time and area dependent on their Sanchita Karma, they will procure various outcomes throughout everyday life.

Thirdly, a similar situation can be applied to any animal on the earth. For instance, dairy animals can bring forth a calf simultaneously when a kid is conceived, so on the off chance that you can cast a horoscope for the calf, it would be equivalent to the youngster. In any case, the past karma chooses whether an individual will be conceived as a human or calf in the resulting birth.

In conclusion, as I referenced crystal gazing essentially demonstrates our past karma, one can enlarge or limit the past karmic results by Parabdha karma by the guide of determination. In my view, astrology is a condition created for the individual dependent on past karma. For instance, the condition might resemble 10x^2+10, the x is the paratha karma(effort one gives in the current life). Presently let us state two individuals conceived simultaneously have a similar condition above, yet as per their exertion, they will harvest the outcome. For instance, on the off chance that individual A substitutes 10, at that point he will get 1010 were as though individual B substitutes 1 he will get 10.