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Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Posted on | Food-Cooking

Why don’t we find Indomie noodles in India?


Fashion enthusiast | Posted on

One of the foremost reasons why Indomie Noodles are not sold in India is because of its price. I don’t exactly know its price in Indian currency. But on eBayIndia,the pack of 10 Indomie Instant Friend Noodles is listed at Rs 3,338. INSANE!

With that high price, given the consumers we have in the country, no such brand would ever enter the market. Because they know no one will purchase their expensive products. Not at least when there exists an established alternative brand in the country.

In India, Maggi is a highly established, incredibly renowned brand. I don’t think any international brand can compete with it – unless they are offering something exceptionally amazing and at alowerprice at that. We love our Maggie noodles. And while as great the Indomie noodles may be, we would rather stick to 2-minutes delicious Maggie noodles.