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Why exactly Musk launch car and now intends to launch a rocket to Mars?


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Elon Musk first co-founded PayPal in 1998. (He isn’t a part of PayPal team now!) He, later on, moved to launch Tesla in 2003, a company that specializes in electric cars, energy storage, and solar panel manufacturing. But before that, in 2002, Elon Musk founded SpaceX, an aerospace company that’s now working with NASA.

Admittedly, all his ventures are very diverse. They are not even related to each other in any way. Elon Musk did that. Why? Perhaps because he wanted to? Maybe he liked it? Maybe it was his passion?

Understand all that he’s doing or have done are totally revolutionizing that has the potential to change industries. So maybe he’s doing all to leave a mark in human history?

When Elon launched Tesla, his main objective was to solve the fuel problem. He wanted vehicles that are green and contribute to the sustainability of the world. The company is now manufacturing more electric cars; it is working to provide electricity to towns through solar panels.

When he launched SpaceX, his main concern was the scientists in NASA weren’t making any attempts for space explorations. He believed that human civilization was not moving forward and that we’re disappointing our past generation who thought that in the 21st Century the world would have flying cars in abundance and that humans would be able to go to different planets easily. So he launched SpaceX to progress the ambitions of space exploration. Needless to say, SpaceX has recently created history by successfully launching a rocket into space with a human and then having it back landed safely.

So in short, whatever Elon Musk is doing is likely to fuel the progress of human civilization. And he’s doing that pretty incredibly. You never know, next he could found a healthcare company that works on creating a syrup to provide immortality to humans.

Check out this conversation of Elon Musk with the founder of Khan Academy Salman Khan: