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Why has Ivanka Trump nominated Indra Nooyi’s for the position of World Bank President?


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Well, it is happy news for all of us that an Indian-born woman’s name has been floated for the honorable position of World Bank President. For those who don’t know, she is the former chief executive of the global beverage giant, Pepsi Co.

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Now coming to your question, the main reason, which came as a surprise to everyone is the declaration of the current World Bank President Jim Yong Kim to step down from the post on February 1, in order to join private equity fund Global Infrastructure Partners. Kim’s term was ending in 2022, but the differences with the Trump Administration has led to his untimely resignation.

Another and more viable reason for the nomination is Ivanka Trump’s own thoughts about Nooyi. She has shared that the former Pepsi CEO is her “mentor + inspiration”, and nothing can be truer. Ivanka Trump, who herself has her own line of businesses and is also leading the selection of the successor of the next World Bank President, has always looked up to the woman who has inspired many lives.

Although it’s unclear if she will accept the nomination or not, the following achievements of hers truly justify the first daughter’s move.

• Indra Nooyi is constantly ranked in the World’s 100 most powerful women.

• She was the first independent Woman Director of the International Cricket Council.

• In 2016, she was ranked number two on the Forbes’ list as the most powerful women in business.

• She has also worked with Motorola and Boston Consulting Group.

• She was ranked number 1 by Fortune Magazine, for continuous five years.

• She has also received the Padma Bhushan.

• Nooyi was also ranked as America’s Best Leaders by the US News and World Report.


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