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Ruchika Dutta

Teacher | Posted on | Food-Cooking

Why has junk food become unavoidable today? What are its consequences?


blogger | Posted on

The outrageous consequences of eating a lot of inexpensive food over an extensive stretch of time could be not kidding like cardiovascular illnesses, elevated cholesterol level, extreme weight and other wellbeing intricacies. ... Cheap food is an unavoidable factor of our human advancement now.


Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted on

Due to lack of time these days, we have found an alternative for the healthy food which is a bit more time consuming. Because fast food is readily available and is easy to prepare, we are turning towards it. 

We know that it affects our health but we still consume it. Give below are some tricks to remove junk food from our diet. 


We need to be more judicious while making our diet plans as what we eat affects what we do and how we keep ourselves in a lot of ways. 



Blogger | Posted on

For a few reasons. Peruse up…

In numerous spots on the planet, lousy nourishment is made the most accessible to individuals, just in light of the fact that it is indeed, the most beneficial. You think food organizations care at about your wellbeing? They give what sells and what has the most elevated overall revenue. In the USA, drive-thru eateries and 7-Elevens contaminate pretty much every local traffic intersection and the market is a lot further away, not as abundant and the wellbeing food stores are practically non-existent, and have a lot more significant expenses

Current culture has transformed our once abundant grasslands and homesteads into carefully decorative gardens and blossom beds :/No one needs to develop food on these front yards since it takes a lot of difficulty and a "free" society considers it illicit in certain territories to develop palatable plants in your front yard. The entire world used to be a homestead based network.

Sound food in many cases is progressively troublesome strategically. It requires substantially more arrangement, is progressively hard to store, perishes rapidly, and costs more. This is far not the same as the McDonalds burger you can hasten to and fly into your mouth inside minutes that solitary expenses $1.

Numerous individuals dont know how or have the opportunity to cook

Numerous individuals discover the flavor of solid food appalling

Solid food is costly contrasted with its detestable low quality nourishment cousins


Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted on

Junk food has become unavoidable today because the life without it has become unthinkable. Junk food has become the source of entertainment, the agenda of hangout, and an excuse to visit new places.

Junk food has totally invaded not just our diets, but also our lifestyle. People now a days are proudly associating themselves with the tag of “foodie” and they are always in search of new places to try new cuisines and dishes. Because of this scenario, avoiding junk food is gradually becoming next to impossible.

The consequences of it can be very harmful and of course, can affect our health adversely. Following are some grave dangers of incorporating fast food or junk food in our diet:

1. They cause diabetes.
2. Can cause digestive malfunctions.
3. They can even lead to depression
4. Increase the risk of dementia
5. In children and youth, junk food causes memory and learning problems which can affect their studies.
6. In adults, it increases the risk of heart and kidney diseases.

Many chefs and dietitians have come up with the diet plan including food items which are both healthy and tasty. We should look for such alternatives to reduce the in-take of unhealthy junk food from our diet.