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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Why has PM Modi not visited Ayodhya yet?


Thinker | Posted on

PM Modi is more infamous than famous for his frequent foreign travels. The cost of his travels, and other related news never fail to make it to the headlines. Not only this, his travels also provide great subjects of attack to the opposition. Amidst all these news and the hullabaloo of 2019 elections, one more question is being spotted in the political alleys.

The question is why has PM Modi not gone to visit Ayodhya yet? This question is important in more than one ways. First of all, the politics of BJP has always been restricted to Ayodhya and Ram Mandir. Pandit Yogi Adityanath is visiting Ayodhya more frequently after becoming the CM. PM went to Maghar, which is even less than 150 kms from Ayodhya, but still refrained from visiting the town of “Ram Lala”. From Nepal, he waved green flag towards the bus operating from Janakpur to Ayodhya but still did not visit the town. Keeping in mind all this, the question seems legitimate.

According to the reports of BBC, it’s not only the people of Ayodhya who are in surprise because of this unusual act of the PM. Even the big ministers of RSS and BJP are whispering under their breaths, calling it a big mistake. Apart from this, youth is also taking the fact into consideration that the promises made by BJP government about creating “Ram Mandir” (Temple of lord Ram) in Ayodha are not being paid much heed. Even after the five year rule of BJP, and one year rule of CM Yogi in Uttar Pradesh, the work of the temple has made zero progress. In this scenario, even if the PM came to Ayodhya, he would be having nothing to say in terms of his achievements and progress.

Besides all these speculations however, BBC reports tell that regarding “Ram Mandir” issue, a minister, a senior journalist, and citizens believe that Modi will visit Ayodhya once surely before 2019 elections. These speculations are in the air because of the issue now being in the court on which citizens expect to hear a verdict in favor of Hindu community, before the retirement of the chief justice. The hopes are even higher as the issue is being seen by the bench under the direction of chief justice himself.

In this case, Modi would not want to leave any page upturned to get the verdict in his favor. The rest is anyway lying in the ***** of time. According to BBC reports however, the reason of Modi not visiting Ayodhya is more than clear. We also know now that if the verdict comes in favor, it would not be less than any elixir (or Sanjeevani) for BJP in Uttar Pradesh.