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Satindra Chauhan

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Why has the government decided to re-examine the age of marriage from 18 to 21?


The Union Cabinet decided to raise the legal age of marriage for females from 18 to 21 years on Wednesday (December 15). To tie the knot legitimately, males must be 21 years old.

The administration would equalise the marriage age for young males and females as a result of this ruling.

Why is there a wedding age limit?

To efficiently prohibit children marriages and safeguard children from harm, the legislation provides a legal age of marriage.

Many belief systems have their own particular regulations about wedding, which are often based on custom.


In Hindu marriages, the woman has to be 18 years old and the bridegroom must be 21 years old, according to the Special Marriage Act of 1955. In Islamic, it is permissible to marry a minor who has gone through puberty.

Females and males must be 18 and 21 years old, accordingly, to agree to marriage, according to the Special Marriage Act of 1954 and the Prevention of Child Marriage Act of 2006. It is expected that these laws will be amended in order to introduce the proposed age for marriage.

What prompted the government to reconsider the marriage age?

The Bjp - led government chose to reexamine the marriageable age for women for a variety of reasons, namely gender. Early marriage and, as a result, early pregnancy have an impact on mothers' and children's food requirements, as well as their overall health and mental well-being. It also has an effect on the Infant Mortality Rate and Maternal Mortality Rate, as well as the advancement of women who are denied access to school and employment due to early wedding.

What have the detractors had to say about extending the age for marriage?

Increases in the age of marriage for women have been opposed by child and women's rights activists, as well as population and family planning experts, on the grounds that such legislation would force a large section of the population into unauthorised marriages.

They believe that young relationships continue to occur in India regarding the aforementioned age of marriage for women remaining at 18, and that the decrease in such marriages is attributable to rising girl's financial and skill possibilities rather than the existing legislation.

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