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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | Sports

Why India never qualifies for the FIFA world cup?


BBA in mass communication | Posted on

The plain and simple answer to this is because India fails to invest necessary resources in this sport. The country that obsesses cricket more than anything, football is its third thought. (Yes, Bollywood ranks second).

Not that we lack the talents but there’s nothing here to encourage and groom them to an international level. There are fewer training clubs. For newspapers, magazines and media, Messi/Ronaldo is Football and Football is Messi/Ronaldo. Kept aside the small part of east region, very few across the country really talk much about football.

Combine all these – less investment, lower charm, no recognition of the professional and amateur players – has kept the Indian Football team from the FIFA world cup tournament.

However, with all being said, one cannot deny the fact that the face of this sport is changing in recent times—ever since the emergence of ISL (Indian Super League). The tournament – that involves big celebrities and cricket stars as the team owners, along with some big international football stars gracing the Indian field – has generated much of the hype, glamorizing this sport and grabbing the nation’s interest like never before.

Hope, with this turn in how football is treated in India, attention will go on to its national team. They will be encouraged and invested in to perform better on the international level.