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Priya Gupta

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Why India Shouldn-t be happy Pakistan-s aid stopped by US ?


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The answer is rather plain and simple—the decision to stop US aid to Pakistan came from (Not My) President Donald Trump, who, in subtle terms, is no less than a joke. When it comes to his foreign policy, it has been fairly disappointing, with very less thoughts going into his decisions to engage with other nations diplomatically.

Aside from Russia, Trump administration isn’t really on a very friendly terms with any major country, as was the case when Barack Obama was the president.

Yes, US’s aid withdrawal on Pakistan will definitely hurt Pak economically. But India shouldn’t jingoistically claim this as a diplomatic victory, as it has been happening for few days on the right-wing media channels.

Let’s understand this—Trump’s reigns revolve around the idea “America First”. So his move to cut back on the aid Pakistan gets has very less to do with terrorism and all (as he mentioned in his, well, tweets) but has more to do with his nationalist stance.

After all, he is the same guy who praised Pakistan back in October, saying the ties between USA and Pak seems respectful and harmonious.

And now his decision to withhold $255 million in aid is completely opposite to his 3-months old stand.

His latest move is in line of cutting back on money that USA spends on other countries. He is saving from foreign expense to assumingly spend on people of America.

Why Indians shouldn’t really make a hullabaloo of this development is because India too depends on economic aid from USA. In fact, a 2015 report on Times of India claimed that India is the largest recipient of US economic assistance over the course of 66-year period, receiving $65.1 billion. If Trump continues with his “America first” and “Make America Great Again” saga, that lunatic-like president would hardly double think on withdrawing US assistance to India.

And if that ever happens, India could be in deep trouble. Because while India’s economy is better that most of the countries’, it’s still walking on a thin rope that’s shaking right now after the ***** from demonetization and ineffective implementation of GST! To that, poor terms with USA could hurt India’s position on the global scene, with the country already dealing with tainted relationship with China.

Instead of rejoicing USA’s aid withdrawal from Pakistan, which can really hurt our neighbor economically, putting a large section of population back under the poverty line, India should think (and frankly, worry) over this abrupt development.