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Why Indian railways is starting its services ?


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Indian Railways on Saturday declared that it would continue the train benefits step by step, beginning May 12, following 51 days of suspension since March 22 due to the coronavirus episode in the nation and the resulting lockdown forced to limit individuals' development and mixing


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Railways launching train services

gradually from May 12: Important facts you need to know.

Rachelways has set aside 20,000 trainers to be used as Covid Care Centers and a number of other special Sramik services.

Indian Railways on Saturday announced that it would continue the rail services gradually, starting on May 12, following a 51-day suspension from March 22 due to coral bleaching in the country and subsequent closures designed to restrict transit and congestion. Further details including the train system will be released separately over time. Here are some of the most important facts you need to know about the restructuring of rail services.

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1.Bookings and reservations for these trains will begin at 4pm on Monday, May 11 through the IRCTC website only. There will be no bookings made at train stations or IRCTCs. Ticket bookings by agents will not be permitted. Even stage tickets will not be issued.
2.There is no provision for Tatkal accommodation and premium Tatkal.
3.Only passengers with valid tickets are allowed to enter the train stations. All passengers will be required to wear a face mask or face mask.
4. Passengers will also be screened at the station for their checkup.
5.Gradually specialized services will commence on new routes based on the availability of 20,000 trainers set up for Covid-19 care centers and those used to run up to 300 Shramik daily trains. to washed-out immigrants.
6.All trainers on these 15 special trains will be equipped with Air
7. The fee charged for these special trains will be equal to the cost of Rajdhani .
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