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Jenny hayat

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Why is Avenger-s Endgame is trending so much?


Student | Posted on

Avenger's Endgame is being called the movie of the millennium already provided it ended the most famous phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.People are called themselves blessed to have been able to experience this journey.


The hype started with the introduction of Thanos when he was mentioned in The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy as the most haunting villains all of times.The MCU started with Iron man and other origins stories of first Captain America and then,Thor followed by other important superheroes. Fans were particularly sentimental about this movie since Chris Evans,Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr had previously announced that this is the end of the contract is here which fans speculated to be the death of a major character which eventually did take place.

Back to the journey,it all started in 2008 and since then it has worked it's way through by introducing all the major characters,giving insights into their battles separately and then eventually together.It was a build up of more than 10 years and this movie is the culmination of all that.In addition to that,infinity war left a lot of open ends and dead characters that the audience was baffled when they saw half of the superheroes dying.For Marvel fans,it was the end of an ear as "all part of journeys is the end."

The three hour long movie is totally worth the hype and make you laugh a lot and then  finally leave you in tears,reminiscing.


Fashion enthusiast | Posted on

Avengers Endgame was one of the most awaited movies of this year. And with the kind of buildup that Marvel Studios made months before the release of this movie made audience and fans completely excited and high-spirited for the final Endgame.

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It is not just around its release that Avengers Endgame is trending so much. The movie is making the headlines even before we knew its name. As soon as all the fans were done with having enough of Infinity War and the sensation created by Thanos, the wait for the fourth and final part of Avengers started.

The lapse between the two parts of Avengers was filled with various theories, predictions, and what not. Some hoped to see the snapped Avengers again and some were worried about the surviving ones meeting the same fate.

avengers-endgame-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: NBC News)

And all were waiting to see what fate Thanos would meet.

With so much to expect and wait for, it is only justified that Avengers Endgame is trending after its release. Even before its release, the movie broke many box office records in India and abroad, and that raised everyone’s expectations to another level.


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