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Ram kumar

Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted on | others

Why is children’s life getting tangled with TV and internet?


Content Writer | Posted on

Be it TV or Internet, the reality is that media and social media have arrested the minds of today’s generation. Children have forgotten their childhood and are completely immersed in these things only. Outdoor games have been forgotten, so are old values and means of entertainment.

The disintegration of joint families in the present time is one of the major reason of this changing scenario. Children in earlier times had interest in their relatives, used to love and spend time with their grandparents, and enjoyed playing with their cousins. But these days, the place of human relationships have been taken by the sources of entertainment where enjoying doesn’t demand human company. Children today, due to this, prefer solitude and dislike interacting with the relatives.

TV and internet have so invaded the lives of children so much so that, they don’t even feel it necessary to eat or play without their presence. Parents too have no option, because if they make them devoid of these sources, children wouldn’t be having any recreational activity to indulge into. TV and internet are some of the very limited options our age provides for entertainment.

This can’t be helped much, but this surely should be guided.

(Translated from Hindi by Meetali)