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Tony Abraham

Football enthusiast | Posted on | Sports

Why is Cricket not popular in North American Countries (Canada and USA)?


Delivery Head DHL | Posted on

For the same reason why Ice Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and Rugby (football) aren’t popular in India and other Asian countries!

People in North American countries like Cricket. This perception that the people there don’t even know what this sport is about is utterly wrong. They have a slight idea of who Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli are. However, they have their own choice of sports that doesn’t include Cricket. And it has to do a lot with their century old cultures, current infrastructure, media and policies.

In South Asian countries, Cricket had always been a go-to sport since a century back. That isn’t the case in Canada, USA and Mexico. For decades and centuries, they have been fed the likes of Basketball and baseball. And this is continuing even till this day. This practice is progressed even today, with media covering more of their “custom sports”, keeping Cricket at the back. So the new generations who come up, they know about the mentioned sports first and more than Cricket.

So in short, to answer your question, here are 4 simple reasons why Cricket in North American Countries isn’t popular:

· Basketball, Baseball, Football (rugby)—these have always been the top sports for them for decades.

· Insufficient infrastructure

· No concrete policies to promote cricket

Media influence—poor coverage to Cricket in news channels and on social media platforms



St. Mary\\\'s College | Posted on

Really, I'd say that baseball is just one of the varieties of cricket. Or rather, both baseball and the various versions of cricket (club cricket, first-class cricket, etc.) are bat and ball games, such as softball and even kickball (similar rules, minus the actual bat).

People play the game that other people around them play. The rules drift whenever groups get into isolation, the same reason we have dozens of different varieties of football (of which American football is yet another variant). Eventually, the rules get written down and formalized.

So, Americans play their version because it's the game played by everybody with a 1,500 mile radius of them. Countries that remained more closely affiliated with the British empire stayed in closer contact and played the variation with the wickets and the bails and the googlies and the whatevers.

They're both equally excruciatingly dull games, and continue to appeal to their fans for the same reasons they always have, an appreciation for the finer minutiae.


Blogger | Posted on

Canada still has an extensive network of expats from India, Africa and Australia playing cricket and have a sensibly better than average global group that can take it up to the world's ideal. It's simply that start more impacted by America, I guess cricket remains a minority sport.

There are as yet many cricket clubs and grounds in the USA, either leftovers from the statures of the early-mid nineteenth century or established by expats coming to work in the significant urban areas. There's absolutely a solid cricket network in California (state), Orange County specifically, and additionally in parts of New York City.