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Sumil Yadav

| Posted on | Sports

Why is Croatia winning hearts even after losing Fifa world cup 2018?


Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy | Posted on

True that the fierce battle in Russia ended with the victory of French Les Bleus, but France and Croatia are ruling the hearts of football lover equally. It’s a general opinion that the football lover are divided into two factions –Messi supporters and Ronaldo fans. Keeping this in mind, it was surprising that even after both the players’ teams failing to make it to the finals, the enthusiasm of the fans was intact. This shows that other teams played exceptionally great and won many a hearts.

France has already won a world cup back in 1998 in its homeland, but Croatia making it to the world cup finals was a big thing indeed. It was their first time ever, and how magnanimously they entered the finals after defeating England, another champion team. They surely raised everyone’s expectations by their game.

Given below is a news clipping from The Hindu about the game:

“France’s first goal came off a Croatian’s head. The second was scored with the aid of the Argentine referee, and became the first video-assistant-reviewed goal in World Cup final history.
But the next two — hard low shots by young French stars Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappé — confirmed what everyone knew even before France polished off its 4-2 victory on Sunday: France was the best team in the field this summer in Russia, and for that reason its team — a potent mix of greatness, grit and good fortune — is the world champion again.”

Despite Les Blues winning the title, Croatia has increased its number of fans in this year’s world championship and it’s a great thing for an otherwise weaker team like Croatia.