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Medha Kapoor

B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Posted on | Astrology

Why is Gemini considered the most hated sign in astrology?


Content Writer | Posted on

Geminis get on everyone's nerves very quickly. They are funny, smart, charismatic and possess more than one quality but they can't stick to one thing and change their mind within fraction of seconds and that's why they are tagged most of the time two faced people.

But it's not like that Gemini people are not good for friendship, they turn out to be good friends andstay with you through thick and thin.One of the very common traits that irritatespeople around them is they are very unpredictable, the same question that you asked of them will get a yes this week and get a no next week.

Geminis are all-rounders, the are usually good in sports, have a good physique and good in studies. They don’t have that much charisma as Sagittarius and Scorpions have, but they have got a perfection which attracts everybody. coming back to question again, why do people hate them then?

Perfect people always get hatred from negative people in the society. Due to their talent Gemini people also get so much hatred. However, in some cases, some Geminis grow become arrogant and egoist due to their superiority which is also one of the reasons why they are being hated most. Their above average intellect and tendency to poke their nose at any topic sends waves of inferiority into others.