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Why is Google Doodle celebrating Sake Dean Mahomed-s birthday?


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There is not just one reason to celebrate this man’s 260th birth anniversary, there are many. Sake Dean Mahomed became popular as an entrepreneur in England at the time when India was an English colony, that is, in the 19th century. Born in Patna in 1759, Mahomed also served as a British Army Officer since the age of 10.


The introducer of the Indian Cuisine in England

The Georgians were introduced with the Indian cuisine and ***** by this man, and therefore, he is credited with integrating English and Indian cultures for Englishmen. The luxurious restaurant that he opened in 1810 was named Hindostanee Coffee House. HCH, however, was shut down after two years due to financial problems.

According to Google, "The Epicure's Almanack — an early London restaurant guide - hailed the luxurious HCH as a place for nobility to enjoy ***** and Indian dishes of the highest perfection." (Source: Economic Times)

First Indian Author to Write in English

And the Indian cuisine was not the only thing through which Mahomed promoted Indian culture abroad. He also became the first Indian author to write in English. It was his travel memoirs, titled 'The Travels of Dean Mahomed', which earned him this honor in 1794.

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Achievements in Wellness

Apart from these ventures, his entrepreneurial skills got him entered into publishing, F&B, and wellness. He was famously known as “Dr. Brighton” due to the hospitals that treated patients with reference to his care.

He earned his name in the therapeutic massage, a skill he brought with him to England, and for which he became the personal “shampooing surgeon” of King George IV in 1822. His herbal steam baths were very famous and made him extremely popular as a “The Shampooing Surgeon of Britain”.

Sake Dean Mahomed’s portrait is hung at the Brighton Museum to commemorate his contribution in integrating the foreign culture with that of his country.


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