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sachin Kumar

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Why is govt taking pangas with RBI, CBI etc?


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Well, the Modi government has been doing that with virtually anyone and everyone who stands on its way to totalitarianism—right from RBI and CBI to Income Tax Department and even Supreme Court. And, oh, not to forget the pangas and throttling (and killing) of Indian media.


(Courtesy: The Wire)

Ever since coming to power, in the garb of development and reforms, Modi government has been choking country’s independent regulatory institutes. “Why” – it’s fairly difficult to point that out objectively. Because…

· It believes it’s the right thing to do.

· It thinks that these institutes are coming on its ways to progress.

· It thinks it can do that without any repercussion.

· It is in paranoia, treating these (independent) institutes as stooges of the previous government.

· It wants to curb democracy with despotism.

RBI-CBI-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Indian Express)

Over the years, the government has brought much new legislation and made new amendments to scrap or override other laws and the power of other institutes.

For instance, the latest in line is its battle with RBI, country’s foremost independent institute. There are reports that Modi government is planning to invoke Section 7 of the RBI Act (something that has never happened before), which would enable it to give directions to RBI. The government has recently proposed to graft new regulations which will give it the power to supervise RBI closely.

CBI and Delhi Police has always been known to be Central Government’s enslaved birds. And anyone who dares to speak against its dictatorial directions, they get transferred.

The government extensively intervened with Competition Commission of India, downsizing its 7-members body to the 4 members. It then ordered a proper review and revision of the Competition Law. It amended new changes in the Land Acquisition, Relief, and Rehabilitation Act. It decided to pass the Aadhaar Act as a money bill.

There have been many instances when the Modi government has intervened in the functioning of the Supreme Court—going head-to-head with the judges.

Why are they doing?

To be politically correct: They aren’t doing anything. Or the measures they are taking, it's for the larger good.

BUT to be politically incorrect: We already know why!