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Sneha Bhatiya

Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted 28 Jul, 2018 |

Why is Instagram gaining more popularity than Facebook?

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Student | Posted 27 Sep, 2019

There are some reasons, Instagram gaining more popularity than Facebook

 Instagram’s Future Is Brighter Than Facebook’s Future

1 Instagram Is More Mobile-Friendly

2 Instagram Has Better Stories Integration

3  Instagram Is Trending Up Among Young Americans

4 Instagram Is More Commerce Friendly

5 Instagram’s a Better Place for Brands

6 Instagram Has Better Discovery

7 Instagram Is a More Positive Place

8 Instagram Has Messaging Built-In

9 Instagram Is Opening Up To Developers

Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 26 Mar, 2019

There was a time when Facebook was the most desirable social media platform and people of all ages used to be glued to it.But,that was all washed away when the waves of Instagram came in the picture.Instagram got widely famous among everyone and got on top quickly.

Some reasons why Instagram is preferred more now is also due to privacy.On Facebook,a problem of fake accounts was there but in Instagram,there is a certain limit as to how many accounts can be created by a particular device and many other things like this too.

Instagram has a new and fresh look and is easier to operate as well as understand too unlike Facebook which has a lot on the main page which might seem confusing.

Also,the presence of famous personalities like pop singers,actors/actresses and bands etc have also lured a lot of people in who would like to stay updated and can contact them too.

Instagram has a better and easier system to make a business page which is easy to work on and has certain perks too which makes it preferable.

Jobs like influencers , fashion ,food and travel blogging etc started coming up more often with the onset and popularity of Instagram.

Also,it had many photo editing features from the beginning and then,added the story feature which held the audience more tightly.

Sarfaraz apps

Blogger | Posted 28 Dec, 2018

For some individuals, Instagram outperformed Facebook as where they spend (squander) of their occasions.

Facebook is absolutely unusable as a wellspring of data. It is far and away more terrible than TV in such manner.

I surmise that private ventures effectively lost would like to utilize Facebook as a driver to their development however despite everything they have trusts on Instagram, in light of the fact that it is only somewhat less dirtied. Be that as it may, the expectations are dissipating rapidly, in light of the fact that it's getting increasingly more hard to get into individuals' feeds naturally.

Facebook prominence is truly based on correspondence. Facebook envoy and Whatsapp have more an incentive than the Facebook itself. I trust that Facebook as distributing stage is blurring, and Instagram will unavoidably go a similar course in a few years.

Back to your inquiry - Instagram will supplant Facebook on the main 1 spot, yet it will be effectively supplanted by something different (that would give more esteem) in a couple of years.

Zayed Iqbal

Blogger | Posted 29 Oct, 2018

Bcz people are becoming more fictious.. first facebook then insta… what will be new…!

Hitesh rathi

Blogger and Digital marketer | Posted 22 Oct, 2018

For many people, Instagram surpassed Facebook as the place where they spend (waste) of their times.

Facebook is totally unusable as a source of information. It is even worse than television in this regard.

I guess that small businesses already lost hope to use Facebook as a driver to their growth but they still have hopes on Instagram, because it is just a little bit less polluted. However, the hopes are evaporating quickly, because it’s getting more and more difficult to get into people’s feeds organically.

Facebook popularity is really centered around communication. Facebook messenger and Whatsapp have more value than the Facebook itself. I believe that Facebook as publishing platform is fading, and Instagram will inevitably go the same route in a couple of years.

Back to your question - Instagram will replace Facebook on the top 1 spot, but it will be easily replaced by something else (that would provide more value) in a few years.

John Colson

@letsuser | Posted 03 Oct, 2018

No matter which one is more popular, I can never admit that Instagram is better than Facebook. 

Facebook, despite the current privacy issues it is accused of, is a much better platform for promoting discussions and discourses. Instagram, being more visual-oriented, restricts us from expressing ourselves in terms of text and words.  

I, being a writer, have faced quite a lot of difficulties with Instagram. The pages there ask you to write in a certain word-limit due to Instagram's restrictions. 


Posted 03 Oct, 2018

Instagram has completed its journey of success from being a fun app for kids to become a world-famous networking site. Where one can do networking, content marketing and build the audience for brands. It is enduring more than 200 million active users’ monthly, get 1.6 billion likes per day or Buy Instagram Followers and millions of members sharing images. Though other networking sites provide an engagement rate of 0.1% Instagram has crossed this limit. As per Forrester study in 2014 the engagement rate of the audience on Instagram is 58 times more than that of Facebook. But this is not enough, Instagram can be used as various other tools.  More Read

Urmila Solanki

BBA in mass communication | Posted 29 Jul, 2018

Not much time have passed since Facebook lost its popularity among youngsters. Till few years back Facebook had surpassed all social media apps and become no. 1. But today, youth seems more inclined towards Instagram. Let’s see why:

• Security strategies: Instagram ensures better security. Even after all the efforts made by Facebook, a stranger can see your cover photo and display picture, Instagram doesn’t allow any of your photograph to become accessible to the ones you don’t know.

• Popularity of visual media: Facebook is a medium which is both verbal, and visual. There the amount of photographs and pictures are equal to or less than the status and articles having long, boring paragraphs. But youth is more intrigued by visual media and hence prefers insta over facebook.

• Deteriorating standards of Facebook: The users on Facebook are misusing it in every way and Instagram has got a great benefit of this. Due to privacy issues, trolling, stalking, and things like that, people find Insta a safer medium of social interaction.

• Better Features: With features like filters and boomerang, Instagram has surpassed Facebook in giving its audience better features.

• Effect of Actors/Actresses: All the famous actors, actresses, and celebrities today are on Instagram. And ordinary public wants to connect with them and know them better. Instagram gives people this option, while Facebook is flooding with the fake accounts of many celebrities.