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Aditya Singla

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Why is new Hundai Verna the most awarded car of 2018?


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The new Hyundai Verna has become the buzz of the town ever since its launch and not only did it manage to clinch the title of the ICOTY (Indian Car of the year) but it has also bagged the other 25 awards from various automobile media houses in its segment. Here are some points that what it makes the most awarded car of the year:

Full of features.

No surprise that the Korean giant (Hyundai) is known to offer best class features with advanced security. Sun-roof, LED day time running lights, multiple connectivity options including Mirror Link / Android Auto / Apple CarPlay are the highlight features of this Verna that makes it most desirable car among youth.

Designed according to Indian weather.

Cooled seats for us is not less than icing over the cake in summers and charging points at both the front and the rear gives the more power to us. Best in class sliding front arm-rest and Hyunda’s Eco Coating tech thatprevents unpleasant smell to develop in the A/C evaporator by degrading the bad bacteria developed in the A/C Coils are one of its unique kind of features.

New Versions.

Lots of options to pick from the petrol to diesel variants. Three engines and two transmission options and there are 12 versions to pick from. This means the Verna ends up gathering a a large group of buyers.


There is no match when it comes power no other sedan can hold a candle when it comes to the new Hyundai. The 1.6 petrol motor is good for 123 bhp / 155 Nm and its the 1.6 diesel that assures you of climbing any stoop on the go. It goes 0-100 Km/hr in 10 seconds and has top speed of 260 Km/hr. And yes, the 1.6 diesel is now available with a 6-speed automatic that is sheer brilliant.


Last but not the least, the new Verna has sheer elegant look that makes turn head heads and catches everybody attention with the brilliant front DRLs, beautiful 16-inch diamond cut alloy wheels, floating C pillar merging into the boot and that rear end with the two LED tail-lights that has won not only awards but our hearts, too.