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Rakesh Singh

Delhi Press | Updated 01 Aug, 2018 |

Why is NFL a bigger sports brand than Premier League and NBA?

mark Will

sports | Posted 11 Oct, 2018

In the U.S., the NFL is, by far the #1 brand in terms of total value. In fact, the total value of all NFL teams is nearly as much as the next two competitors, the NBA and MLB, combined. Internationally, although the best EPL teams are highly valuable, Manchester United and Manchester City, for instance, they are not close to the value of an NFL team. The total value of NFL teams appears to be more than 8 times the total value of EPL teams

Albert Jordan

Senior Software Engineer | Posted 21 Dec, 2017

First thing first, all the lists you read that shows which league is “bigger”, the term bigger usually means the league’s revenue in total.

In that parameter, National Football League (NFL) is the biggest sports league in the world (also it has the highest average number of spectators per month). It is followed by:

·         Major League Baseball (MLB)

·         English Premier League

·         National Basketball Association

·         Indian Primer League (IPL)

·         National Hockey League

·         Bundesliga

·         La Liga

(Note: Depending on websites and agencies, the list varies.)

A handful of the leagues are played in North America. The likes of USA and Canada are rich economy where more people can afford to buy tickets. Plus, the price of these tickets is much higher than that of other countries’. This means that these leagues will enjoy much higher revenue.

And this, in itself, is the biggest reason why NFL and NBA will always rank higher when it comes to most reputed and highest earning sports league brand of other countries.

Now the other part of your question as to why Football is more popular, in USA, than Basketball—it’s all in preference, doesn’t it? Why do you like Soccer more than baseball? Because you like it, simple!

Plus, NFL – the Superbowl – is also more hyped with high investments from the sponsors and viewers. So that makes it a topmost name.

In short, the reason why one sports league in USA is more popular than others depend on a range of factors, including the audience preferences.