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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Why is Pakistan vulnerable to Army rule?


Thinker | Posted on

Unlike India, which is facing a lot of hidden and unhidden problems due to its current democratic structure, Pakistan has its own different sets of problems, as a pseudo-democracy. Yes, that’s what Pakistan seems to be –a pseudo-democracy. This is clearly evident from the recently happened General Elections in the country.

The manipulation and the delay that occurred, was all due to the omnipresent dominance of Army, from which Pakistan’s politics has always suffered. The weakening of the important institutions like Media, Election Commission, and Judiciary in Pakistan, also owes it to the military rule that lurks there.

“The Pakistan Army’s strength lies in the weakness of other institutions. The story of Pakistan and the dominance of the military should also explain why other institutions are weak”, comments the Pakistani-American Historian, Ayesha Jalal, in her interview with Scroll.in.

According to Jalal, the 2010 amendment of Pakistani constitution which transferred all the powers to the Prime Minister, taking it from the President and Military, is still to be actualized.

Indeed, it is true, that Pakistan is a republic only superficially till now. Army commands each and every political move, General Elections of 2018 being the latest example. It can be hard to believe for some that the country was once a part of India, which shaped itself as world’s largest democracy after independence and partition.

Historians however, see the cause of military dominance in Pakistan as the result of the structure of Partition itself. According to them, Pakistan was not meant to survive, but it has, actually survived after partition. The reason somewhere is the military itself. Army being dominant in hooking up internationally it over powered the politicians, right from the start. The history seems to have continued itself in Pakistan, as the General Elections being manipulated by Pakistan’s Army and Imran Khan almost coming to power shows.