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Brijesh Mishra

Businessman | Posted 01 Oct, 2018 |

Why is Supreme Court working so actively these days?

Prreeti Radhika Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted 01 Oct, 2018

Supreme Court of India has always worked like this since the very beginning. It has always been active! However, it is only until recently, have we taken notice to it. Or should I say, it is only until recently has the media started noticing and prioritizing it!

And it’s quite fitting. When a nation’s social fabric is crumbling, it makes sense to look at the last line of defense, doesn’t it? When democracy’s 3 pillars have rusted and decayed, we all must look at the last pillar, right? When cold-blooded, politically motivated murders are happening in the country every so often, looking at the supreme court and the judges’ quip is the only option that one is left with. 

Besides, following the revelation of how political influences are playing a major role in the appointments of the judges, the judiciary is much closely scrutinized. Ever since four supreme court judges took a stand against the Chief Justice of India, the media started looking at the judiciary much more closely. 


So, it’s not that the Supreme Court of India is acting actively these days—it has always been like that. 

- When 26/11 happened, it said a lot of things on internal security.

- When Nirbhaya rape and murder happened, the court said a lot of things on women’s safety in the country. 

- Supreme Court, recently, said plenty of things even on Justice Loya death case. 

It’s just that you’re listening more of it because, today, Indian media has decided to focus and filter what the court says more than ever.