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Why is the character -Chiron- in Moonlight so quiet?

Travelling Blogger | Posted

The name Chiron in the movie Moonlight is also the name of the immortal centaur from Greek mythology, the son of the titan Cronus and a half-brother to Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. The centaur Chiron was an outsider in both worlds, abandoned by his nymph mother. Since he was the son of God, he was different from the others which are not the regular characteristic of any centaurs of the time. In the world of mythology, Chiron isn’t like anyone else. The parallels to Chiron in Moonlight are clear with the centaur Chiron.

In the movie, Chiron is shown a very quiet and deep character which leaves the audience kept in splits wondering about is going on in his mind. The character is built in a way where he is completely different from others, his perspective, mindset and in between so much of chaos he handles himself beautifully.

This Chiron also finds himself set apart from those around him. He’s quiet on the surface but he is neck deep inside with too many emotions going on. Since there is too much to handle in his life, he does not address to all the emotions in his face. His physical movements are very quiet as well which shows his maturity to handle himself in such conditions. In Moonlight, Chiron finds a set of surrogate parents in Juan and Teresa (Mahershala Ali and Janelle Monáe), who teaches him how to live a life with dignity.


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