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Why is the corona virus vaccine not developed?


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We know corona virus or Covid - 19 Is widespread pandemic. It's not clear where is come from means source like bat birds ,insects or prepared in lab like buhan city in China .
The push to make corona virus vaccine is moving to breakneck speed . Washington , Received a vaccine in a phase -1 .safety trial is sponsered by US Government. Similar safety trials of other corona virus will also begin soon.
Even or these trial of these corona virus vaccine is trial on first time at humman .but we don't know how these Covid -19 virus affected on immune system .or how our immun system fight with corona virus .and how to safely trigger to similar immune responsed with vaccine remain unanswered.But answer might come soon to studies on infected people and animal models . But some researchers say that the lack of information should not keep experts from begning to safety trial of these vaccine on humman .
Here Question generate for these vaccine how help in people. Would these vaccine increse immune system to fight with infected people or safely save infection of these virus ? .
As we know symptoms of Covid -19 is normal cold ,cough & fever with breathing problems.
But here we assure that whole world scientists work day night for preparing vaccine of corona virus .as soon as these vaccine safely trialed in hummans. Thanks.