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Why is the number of atheists around the world growing?


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A 2012 report on Daily Mail claimed that atheism is now the third-largest global group, only after Christianity and Islam. The same publication this year reported that number of atheists in USA can be 10 times more, adding that currently 26 percent of Americans do not believe in God.

So yes, admittedly, the number of atheists around the world – and not just in western countries – is rising significantly. And there can be plenty of reasons behind that.

One, people are more educated today than ever. This is not to say that education brings ignorance. But when someone is more educated, they tend to question more. And when answers don’t match their expectations, skeptism shadows their beliefs. To that, they are also very hard to brainwash. Meaning, the extreme and propagandist-end of churches, mosques, temples and more find it difficult to influence the crowd. This is one reason why, with the rising number of people who dare to question the convention, atheism is growing in population.

Another reason is the significant growth of science. It clearly states, if there’s no evidence to prove a phenomenon, one should never be blindfolded with belief and trust. The existence of God is yet to be proven scientifically. So the people who contend from the side of Science have automatically swayed to the population of atheists.

Third reason is the ills of religion. With the rise of social media, the evident ills of religions are reaching far and wide to distant corners. More and more people are discussing the other, darker and hidden side of religions. Terrorism, rapes, oppressions are few of the evil sides of religion that always existed but never came in the limelight. Not until now. People know these facts today. And this has repelled most of them to be the non-believers.

Politics has also played a major role in the insurgence of atheism.

With how things are right now, the number of atheists will only grow in the coming days. Will this be good for the world or bad, we’re yet to see – and even anticipate – that.

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