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Yamini Agrawal

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Why it is important to keep personal hygiene ?


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Keeping one's own body by taking proper bath, wearing clean clothes, eating clean food after washing hands etc, and keeping the house clean, are collectively called personal hygiene.

The following suggestions should be followed to maintain the personal hygiene.

1.Keep all parts of your body clean by taking bath. It is necessary for adolescents because of the increased activity of sweat glands. Many harmful microorganisms, dust etc., present in our surroundings may cause skin diseases due to bacterial infection. Girls should be very conscious about their hygiene during their menstrual cycle. Undergarments must be changed everyday, if not more often, Cotton undergarments should be preferred. Regular bath will protect you from many diseases. Bathing helps in maintaining the skin healthy.

2.Wash your hands properly before and after meals, Trim you nails from time to time. Keep them clean.

3.Clean your mouth before and after each meal. To improve the health of

gums and teeth, eat hard and fibrous raw fruits, and vegetables.

4.Wash your feet with water everytime you come from outside. Do not work barefoot outside.

5.Eat freshly cooked food. The food should be kept covered to protect it from flies etc. Do not eat stale or exposed food. . Clean latrines should be used for defecation. Do not defecate in open fields. This is harmful for you as well as for others. If proper latrines are

not available dig sanitary pits.Letsdiskuss