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why karva chauth is celebrated?


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The fast of Karvachauth, ,will be celebrated on October 17 this time. On this day, Suhaginas wish for long life for their husband by staying hungry and thirsty throughout the day. Not only this, Unmarried girls also fast for the desired groom. After worshiping Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha with complete ritualism, the story of Karva Chauth is heard. Then this fast is performed only after offering Arghya to the Moon at night.


On this day, the sunrise will be at 6.17 pm. The value of Chaturthi Tithi is 5:30 AM for the whole day and night (morning next day). Kritika Nakshatra is both Rohtini Nakshatra Yoga Vyapitapat and Variyan after 3:25 minutes a day. Moon is in high position on Taurus.

According to the Puranas, among the moon constellations, Rohini loves the constellation highly. Due to his position on this constellation, he is creating a prosperous yoga of love amplification. This fast is done for the happiness and prosperity of her husband. Chandrodaya is at 7.59 pm on October 17, the day of Karvachauth. Arghya will be given at this time.

Karva poojan method

The portrait of Karvachauth is made on a wall or paper in which pictures of the Sun, Moon, Ganga, Yamuna, brother-sister, Hari-Gaur etc. are made. The place of worship before Chandrodaya is decorated with Rangoli or Alpana. Each karva is kept by putting five or seven sinks of Tottid Orai.

If silver or gold karva is worshiped on Karvachauth for the first time, then it is worshiped every time, and then arghya is offered after seeing the moon at night. A continuous stream is left on the moon's picture and wishes for suhaag and prosperity. Besan poori, sweet dumpling and other dishes are offered in Prasad by touching the feet of the elderly.

It is a tradition to offer water to the moon in the evening, throughout the day Pandit Rakesh Pandey told that in Karvachauth the moon is given Arghya from the earthen potter (Karva), hence this fast is named Karva Chauth. In this fast nothing is eaten till the moon is offered. But many women eat sargi at four o'clock in the morning before sunrise, which comes from a woman's maternal uncle.


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