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Shivam Khare

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Why letsdiskuss (discussion portal ) so popular now a days?


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A discussion portal is an online platform where people from different corners of the world come together to discuss a topic. Here several posts with related attractive images are shared. It is a unique method of sharing information and knowledge.

letsdiskuss portal is also such a discussion platform where people can interact with each other in the form of their respective posts. Those people who may not know each other can relate to them by reading their posts. Those posts are nothing but an open field to explore your point of view to others. Because the questions here are not bookish neither are the answers. Let us discuss some exclusive benefits of this particular Indian discussion portal. They are as under:

1. This discussion portal enables us to explore our hidden talent for writing. Because it helps us to explore our inner thoughts to the outside world. It helps you to get appreciated for your precious thoughts and vice versa.

2.You have the full opportunity to write the answer in your fashion. No restriction or no specific pattern set for those answers. You can arrange your answers in the form of blogs or articles or any other well-defined manner.

3.Sometimes even you are given a few keywords only. And ask to frame meaningful questions and answers too. Or the maximum time you need to just frame your answer with relevant high-ranking keywords. This portal helps you to grow fast as this is a discussion portal with a high ranking.

4.So you are earning and your knowledge or information or point of view are getting a worldwide reach with the help of letsdiskuss portal. Yes, friends, not only Indians but foreigners are also contributors to this portal as they love to write here regularly.

5.Feel proud to write in this portal because people from different sectors and different regions of the world love to read your answer. And they are a regular follower of this portal as well.

6.They even do not charge any fee like registration fee and so on for giving a chance to post your answers on the live portal. Because they only want the hidden writing talent of people to come out.

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7.You do not know Hindi! But you have the talent of writing in you or want to share some information or knowledge with everyone in an interesting fashion. Then this platform is for you my friend. Because the authorities of this Indian discussion portal have kept you, people, also in mind. And so this portal is available with the facility of writing in both English and Hindi as well. So we can call it a discussion portal in Hindi and English.

There may be many such discussion portals available online. But these are the main reasons for which Letsdiskuss is considered as one of the top discussion portals in India.

These are the only reasons for which a wide range of people have made this online discussion portal so popular nowadays.

Wait friends, there are many more surprises that this famous portal is going to introduce in the future.


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