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Why money heist is famous all around the globe?


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Money Heist is a show that has crossed all borders and became one of the worlds largest top popular, liked, and watched series. The show premiered in 2017, and since then, people haven't stopped speaking about it. The performance, which was originally titled La Casa De Papel, connected with audiences all around the world for all of the qualities it stands for.


Money Heist's uniqueness and uniqueness reside in the small details chosen for rebellious symbolism. Rebellion and resistance are symbolised by the red overalls and Dali mask that have become synonymous with the programme. The heist's entire team is named after well-known cities around the world. It reflects how the system is the same everywhere, corrupt and dependent on the hard work of the regular man.

The show's popularity drew criticism, notably from those who thought it was 'hyped' and 'overrated.' Money Heist, on the other hand, struck a chord with audiences all around the world. If you've seen the show, I strongly advise you to watch 'Money Heist: The Phenomenon,' a documentary that shows what goes on behind the scenes of the show and will leave you in wonder at what it takes to create a show that people all over the world adore.

Money Heist, also known as La Casa de Papel, has reached numerous milestones. It is Netflix's highest popular non-English drama and IMDB's third most popular show. A Netflix documentary about the phenomena of Money Heist is now available. I performed a lot of study to figure out why it's so popular around the world. Many rallies around the world have been prompted by this series, in which people protested against their regimes wearing Dali masks. In Italy, for example, students demonstrated against a new financial reform in 2018.


Imagine combining your favourite telenova's love drama, Back to the Future's action comedy, Parasite filmmaker Bong Joon Ho's anti-capitalist emotions, and the visual flare of a wild Las Vegas night, then dousing the entire concoction with a spritz of insanity, and you've got La Casa del Papel. It's no surprise that it's a crowd-pleaser.