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Vandana Dhamija

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Why Money Heist show on Netflix is so popular?


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La casa de Papel aka Money Heist has achieved many milestones. We know that it is the most addictive show on Netflix.

About the show.
This is about a group of robbers who take the near impossible task of robbing “The Bank of Spain”.
Everything revolves around ‘The Perfect Plan’. Mastermind being “The Professor” (Alvaro Morte). There are some surprising plot twists and all the action keeps you on the edge. Literally, anything could happen at any given moment.
What makes this interesting is the depth of the characters. All of them have some flaws, but you will make an instant emotional connection with them.
It has a very catchy tune to it and keeps lingering in your head. If you watch it from season 1,then you will addicted to this.