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shashwat stainless

| Posted on | science-technology

Why My Website runs slow after a WordPress update?


kanak metalindia

| Posted on | others

Why My Website runs slow after a WordPress update


marketing4suntecdata@gmail.com | Posted on

Hi Shashawat,


Here what to do if your website is suddenly slow after an update.


  1. Check 404 errors-Use Insect tool and inspect the website.
  2. Plugins-Make sure that your plugins are up to date. Make a backup of your site and start deactivating all the plugins and see if its improved site speed. Clear plugin cache because plugin cache can slow the speed.
  3. Themes-Make sure to update the theme to its latest version. 
  4. Check for PHP Errors-If you are not familiar with PHP contact a developer to turn on PHP errors or contact your web host.

Try these hacks and make your website faster.




student | Posted on

It is as usual that website may runs slow after a wordpress update. The reason behind the slow loading of website after a wordpress update are -

  • poor quality hosting 
  • No caching in place.
  • No content delivery network to reduce loan on the hosting.
  • no image compression or optimization has been done.
  • old version of HTML.
  • The version of PHP becomes old.
  • you have slow or out of date plugins.

You should find the solutions for these too.