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Khushboo Gupta

HR Executive | Posted on | Entertainment

Why one sided love is painful?


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Never try to cross the line between love and obsession as it hurts. Being in love and to be a lover is quite different thing. Nothing defines love or how a person feel when he/she is around lover. This selfless happiness needs no parameter to invest in love. Love has no suffix or prefix. Relationship works when two soul reside in one body like a phenoix.


One sided love or Unrequited love always teather one's heart because the lust oozes from the depthness of the mind. And the shocking fact is opposite sex is not aware of such kind of love. This love if rejected takes the place of obsession. 
Love brimmed with thought of receiving is always painful. If a person is alone in relationship, everything sucks. To feel the essence of gratitude, both must have relation with mutual consent. Consent assimilate passion, kindness and compassion for each other. Named as a lover in disguise humiliate one’s sentiments. A believer of sole relationship always feel lonely and depressed. Obsession intensity the risk of releasing toxic thoughts for the opposite sex. 
Those destructive thoughts mutilate obsessed mind bringing curse for the beloved. Love that harms or haunts the beloved leaving him/her suffocated could traumatize their soul.


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