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Jessy Chandra

Fashion enthusiast | Posted on | Food-Cooking

Why rice is a part of perfect meal? How is lemon rice prepared?


Company secretary,MBA | Posted on

There is no doubt that rice is one of the staple foods of India. In my house, we eat rice at least once in a day, preferably for lunch. Rice is grown in many parts of the nation; therefore it is a common food. Also, it is rich in carbohydrates which are one of the vital nutrients required by a human body. Thus, rice constitutes as an important part of any meal. And when it is included in a platter, it becomes perfect.

There are different recipes made with rice, however my favorite is lemon rice. It is easy and quick to make. Ingredients you will require for this recipe are:

• Cooked rice
• Lemon juice
• Urad dal
• Mustard seeds
• Curry leaves
• Turmeric
• Salt
• Peanuts
• Oil
• Dry chillies

Take a pan, and heat oil. Add peanuts to the hot oil and sauté it till they become light brown and crunchy. Then add mustard seeds, curry leaves, dry chillies, and urad dal to it. Saute it until they sizzle and slight aroma comes from it. Add salt and turmeric. Your tempering for the lemon rice is made. Now add the already cooked rice to the tempering and mix it well. Are you wondering where the lemon is? Well, you need to add the lemon juice at last. When you add it with the tempering, the colour changes when it gets mixed with turmeric. Serve it with papad.