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Why rich people don’t give a part of their money to end poverty?


Fashion enthusiast | Posted on

According to a report, the world’s richest 1 percent currently holds about $125 trillion, which is half the world’s wealth. Another report says that the world’s 100 richest people could end global poverty four times over.

All these raise one simple question- why don’t the rich people do charity and elevate people from the poverty? Common sense says that they can give the money to poor people and easily improve their lives. Yes, on many fronts this argument is legit—but only to an extent. There are plenty of logistical challenges of handing over the money to the poor population.

Also, handing over the cash to people doesn’t guarantee poverty alleviation. If this was the case, governments in the developing and under-developed countries, while tacking the challenge of inflation, would have done this long ago. In fact, there are top economists, most famously Angus Deaton and William Easterly, who argue that foreign aids sometimes hurt more than doing good.

So while this idea of giving money to every poor is quite empathetic, it isn’t well-thought. The whole thing, from micro and macro perspective, is much complex.

Many billionaires does understand this fact very well; hence they refrain themselves from transferring hard cash to the poor people. They do, however, help this less-given population with different welfare initiatives. There are also those rich people who pass on their money to poor via several NGOs and local communities.

And of course, there are billionaires who unfortunately don’t care about other people or have their different priorities.

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Blogger | Posted on

The issue with "redistributing" riches is you are not appropriating presence of mind, monetary instruction, or the capacity to make great choices with cash. While I am tied in with disposing of vagrancy and destitution, it doesn't remove the way that a level of individuals are in that pontoon in view of their own untrustworthy choices, or absence of want to get rich or fruitful.

I have been destitute, poor, and in neediness, yet it wasn't until I got off my own ***** before anything improved, and I am not even close to the degree of progress I wish to be.

I additionally don't have the foggiest idea about a solitary affluent individual that needs destitution to exist. In any case, I can't reveal to you what number of THOUSANDS of lower pay and vagrants I have met with and addressed who proceeded on their equivalent ruinous way after our discussion/meeting… significantly in the wake of being offered the instruments, direction, and instruction expected to change their budgetary circumstance.

In the event that well off individuals modified an arrangement of reasonableness for all, it would just involve time before some would mishandle it enough to obliterate their own future. The framework we need joins training, and it begins with business building abilities and money related instruction when children are in rudimentary/grade school. In this way, halting the issue before it begins.


Artist | Posted on

Answer- Status Show Off Plz donate a good sum of help to any needy ones.