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Why so many people are supporting CAA if it’s bad?


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These are likely the same people who supported cutting thousands of trees in Mumbai’s Aarey forest and then complained about air pollution in Delhi – all because it suited their political aligning and narratives.

Moreover, I am not really sure where did you get that “so many people are supporting CAA”. 

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Is it because the missed call campaign that Zee News did? A news channel that has a history of propagating fake news and running doctored videos, you’re listening to that? You’re listening to editor-in-chief of a news channel who has been to Tihar jail for extortion? You’re trusting a news channel that flamboyantly flags its pro-establishment agendas? 
A large part of the population that’s supporting CAA has limited knowledge about what the act really is. This is, admittedly, similar to a portion of protestors who don’t know what exactly they are protesting against. 

One side has bought the saffron-tale, the other one has purchased that BJP is anti-Muslim. People on either side are manipulated for political gains. 

Let’s quickly look at Citizenship Amendment Act objectively… 
· The act itself is unconstitutional given its shaped around religion. 
· India has more than three neighbors. Outside Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh, there are China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. If the government is really concerned about the persecutions of people or “minorities” in the neighboring countries, why not include these other countries as well? 

· If the government is really concerned about “persecution”, why then not give citizenship to Rohingyas who have faced genocide in Myanmar? 

· The government says that Muslims in the three CAA-listed countries won’t face persecution because these are Muslim-dominant countries. It’s not factually correct. Ahmediyas and Bahais continue to face hardships in Pakistan. Will the Modi government home them in India? 

The arguments in support of the CAA are stick-thin fragile. 

Our Home Minister and the right side valiantly contend that the Citizenship Act was made in 1955 and that they didn’t make it and that Congress should be blamed. 
Of course, Congress is just as big of a hypocrite. 

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However, pushing its date to validate its feasibility and unconstitutionality is as absurd as saying that our laws don’t consider marital rape as “rape” so we shouldn’t make amendments to change that. 

Citizenship act was wrong at that time, it is wrong this time, and it would remain wrong in the future – no matter which political party is supporting it and which ones are against it. It demands to be scrapped or amended. 

Coming to another argument the CAA supporters make: It doesn’t even concern Indians or Indian Muslims in specific. This point either proves these people to be foolish or it simply discredits the stature of Amit Shah. The home minister has made us understand the chronology. Remember
“aap chronology samajhiye…”. He has said that after CAA, NRC will be on its way.

Besides, how can one look at CAA and NRC separately? 

NRC will be made. So many Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, Christians, and Muslims will be left out – as was evident in Assam. 
Per CAA, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis, and Christians will get their citizenship. All that’ll remain out will be Muslims, who will be left in the detention centers – left for years to fight never-ending and costly legal battles. 

One either has to be mentally ***** or brainwashed to not see this correlation and an attempt to destroy Indian secularity. 
And let’s not even get to the part where the supporters scream that NRC isn’t even in the talks. The fact that our Prime Minister can stand in Ramlila Maidan and brazenly lie about his government to have never discussed NRC is hypocrisy at its best. Again, Amit Shah – along with his ministers, party members and, yes, “his” president Mr. Kovind) – has said that time and again, even from the parliament, that his government is bringing NRC. 

And here’s the biggest thing… 

The fact that this select group of supporters is exuberantly contesting for the rights of persecuted people in the neighboring Islamic country, the CAA does not even mention the word “persecution”. Not even once. It’s funny – and scary.

Understand the “chronology” – understand the methodical approach of a party to de-secularize a country and steer it the Pakistan-fate of failure:
· First CAA will come
· Then NPR will be done
· Then the NRC list will be made
· Then crores of poor people will be harassed across religions – just like how it happened during failed demonetization
· The country will be polarized again
· Now-settled Ayodhya case will give its spot to another absurd topic of NRC.
· General election 2024 will be here.

CAA is done. NRP – which is the “first step towards the creation of a National Register of Citizens” – is going to happen soon. This is not me saying by the way. This is what the website of the Census of India says.

(Oh, and in case if the CAA supporters believe that NRP is an innocent and regular census measure, which is what the BJP is spreading, they are wrong. There’s a difference between NRP and Census. The former comes under the provisions of the Citizenship Act 1955 and Citizenship Rules 2003, the latter comes under the provisions of Census Act 1948.)

From that NPR list, NRC will be made. Then in the name of “illegal immigrants”, crores of people will be sent to the detention centers. 

So, coming to your original question “Why so many people are supporting CAA if it’s bad”… 

I am not sure who these “so many people” are. But whoever they are, most of them are staunch BJP-RSS supporters who mistake Hinduism with Hindutva and Patriotism with Nationalism. The remaining of them are brainwashed with false information and repetitive propaganda. 

I hope this answers your question.

P.S. India does need a strong immigrant policy that apolitically and unbiasedly answers who should be given Indian citizenship. It must cover that Sikhs, Hindus in Pakistan and Rohingyas in Myanmar – they all are welcomed, if we’re welcoming people in the first place. The CAA will benefit only 31,313 people. I am sure if the government is really serious about saving these persecuted people, they have the power, resources, and brain to do that without segregating the population on the basis of religion. 


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